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NEDA 2012 Winter Lobby Day – Richmond, VA 1/18/12

Did you know that, at present, there are no procedures implemented on the state or federal level to screen for eating disorders among adolescents?

The most recent data provided by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) shows that in American high schools, 30% of girls and 16% of boys suffer from disordered eating, which includes bingeing, vomiting, fasting, abuse of laxatives and diet pills, and compulsive exercise.

It gets worse.

Females between the ages of 15-24 suffering from anorexia have a mortality rate twelve times higher than that of their peers, a statistic that translates into anorexia having the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Unfortunately, even though eating disorders are preventable and effective treatment exists, they are on the rise.

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Smash Your Scale (And Anything Else Holding You Back)!

Note: this post keeps things vague, but still references eating and weighing a lot. If that kind of thing is triggering, please take care of you and use your own discretion. Also, I’m on Tumblr now, so there are even more ways to stay up to date on posts!

Most people probably don’t realize this, but the avatar on my blog of the smashed scale isn’t some stock photo I found on the internet. It’s a picture of the actual scale I actually smashed seven years ago in the alley behind my first apartment while I was still in college – February 2005, to be exact.

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Virginia Lobby Day with the National Eating Disorders Association

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the National Eating Disorders Association will be hosting it’s second state-level Lobby Day with the VA General Assembly on Wednesday, January 18. If you’re a Virginia resident, please consider attending.

Last year, we met with members of the General Assembly and were instrumental in educating them about the importance of a bill being introduced by Senator Puller to study eating disorder prevalence in VA. As a result of the advocacy and lobby work, the bill passed unanimously! You can read the follow-up with a link to the study results here.

Myself (2nd to left) with other advocates and Senator Puller in 2011.

There’s still work to do, though. Even if you can’t attend, you can write or call your state representatives and ask them to support NEDA’s work. We know for a fact that phone calls and emails were also influential in some representatives considering this cause. You can find the full press release here complete with contact info to RSVP. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s an opportunity to make a difference for everyone effected by eating disorders in Virginia.

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2011 Year in Review

WordPress does this nifty thing where it sends you your summary stats. Total visitors, most commented posts, stuff like that. I thought I’d do a quick post of some of my favorite posts from 2011, in case you’re new here and missed them.

I went live in May 2011 and made about 30 posts within the year. Here are some of my favorites. Each title links to its respective post:

May 20th, 2011: Hey, Skinny!

This post is probably the reason I started …Until Eating Disorders Are No More. I wrote this before the blog existed after the odd exchange I had with a work acquaintance. Not knowing what to do with what I wrote, I decided to start a blog. This post was also my busiest day traffic-wise, so thanks to everyone who thought it was worth reading!

June 2nd, 2011: Why Eating Disorder Discussions Must Be Gender-Inclusive

The more writing and networking I did, the more I found people had an interest in my experiences due to my being a guy. I had never given it a whole lot of thought and had taken the gender disparities in stride. The more I’ve thought about it, though, the more frustrating it is, and the more I want to talk about it. This was the starting point for that conversation.

July 26th, 2011: Just What the Heck is Weight Stigma?

It’s time we all add ‘weightism’ and ‘weight stigma’ to our vocabularies, and stop engaging in weight discrimination. Friends who read this post said they’d never heard a term for it, but weightism is something we hear and see every day. Being thin does not equal being healthy. In fact, I know a lot of thin people who don’t take care of themselves, but they aren’t subjected to the same level of scrutiny as people with larger bodies.

August 3rd, 2011: The State of Male Eating Disorders

In August, I participated in an interview for the Huffington Post for a story on eating disorders in men. The article was handled with care, but then the title originally contained a dreadful word: manorexia. I emailed the reporter, and in response to my concerns her editors changed the title (one reason the internet is so handy for this type of thing!)

October 24th, 2011: Event Review: Beyond Barbie – Caught in a Fun House Mirror

Local artist Susan Singer did a series of paintings on natural beauty, doing a whole lot nude portraits of women of all shapes and sizes. There were six weeks of shows with a different theme each week, and my friend Karen Morris was featured in October to discuss body image and eating disorders. An expanded review was posted on RVANews.

November 15th, 2011: Interview: Men with Anorexia, WRIC Channel 8

I had the honor of lending my story to a news piece for the local CBS News with reporter Nate Eaton. I thought it an interesting change of pace for a male reporter to be interviewing a male survivor. Nate did a great job tackling the subject and I thank him for it. Not much else I can say about it, just go watch it!

Looking over that list, 2011 was quite a year! I hope you’ll join me in 2012 and beyond to continue writing, reading, and advocating for these issues to be taken seriously, until eating disorders are no more.

Happy New Year!


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