Welcome to my slightly revamped official homepage and blog.  I’m a late 20-something, regular old boring person who happened to have an eating disorder in college. I’m a regular participant in Lobby Day work with the Eating Disorders Coalition, an organization devoted to working on the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority. I’m currently an EDC Junior Board member and also involved in state level advocacy. Outside of my interests in policy work, my main focus is on the intersection of gender constructs as they relate to mental health and especially eating disorders.

Looking for blog posts? Don’t worry! They’re safely located at https://arenomore.wordpress.com/blog now.

Also, Tumblr is now mattwetsel.tumblr.com. Oddly enough, someone set up something on the old handle, so sorry for any confusion.

I recently contributed an article to the National Eating Disorders Association Making Connections Newsletter:

Latest Posts

Should Your Kids Eat Junk Food? Huffington Post Live: I joined the Huffington Post again in late June to talk about the relationships we have with food and the risks of ascribing moral value onto food. After spending years of my life feeling guilty for nourishing myself, I fully consider part of “healthy eating” to include eating food you enjoy, even if it’s high in sugar or not bursting with nutrients, without feeling any guilt, anxiety, or shame.

Living in Recovery: A Panel on Eating Disorders:Kitty Westin and I had the pleasure of joining a panel with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh on eating disorder recovery. It was done via Google Hangout, so the full discussion we had with the audience is archived.The visual quality isn’t the greatest, but the audio is fine. Kitty has some amazing things to share and I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch or listen!

I Had No Idea! Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014: So I can cross one more thing off my bucket list: driving to and from New York City. I had a last-minute invite for a panel with the National Eating Disorders Association, and thankfully was able to make the trip. Follow the link for my write-up about the other awesome panelists and my time at NEDA’s main office in NYC.

Rethinking Everything: Check out the guest post I did for the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves campaign, which is ran by the B.C. Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign. What will your life look like without an eating disorder? Full link: http://loveourbodiesloveourselves.blogspot.ca/2014/02/rethinking-everything-by-matt-wetsel.html

EDRS 2014 and West Coast Adventures: Here’s my write-up about the Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc 2014 conference and my adventures in California. Check out the amazing work people like Linda Bacon, Chevese Turner of the Binge Eating Disorder Association, and others are doing on the front lines of the health and body debates.